Manufacture in EU

Mediation of Trade

Thanks to our long-term contacts we offer introductions and cooperation with reliable manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. We guarantee the best quality, best price and timely delivery of goods.

The advantage of using intermediary services in the field of international trade is you getting direct contact with needed resources. We establish contacts directly by visiting factories and sourcing facilities acting as your agent supervising the entire process.

In addition to a wide selection of products and manufacturing, we also offer our clients other services.

We are always seeking out reliable vetted manufacturers, which reduces the client's cost of purchasing goods . We ensure the timely shipment of the first samples, as well as production inspection (Q&A) and inspection of goods before embarkation. We also inform our customers about other conditions and possible changes during production. Communication is very fast, we are able to provide updates regarding any changes daily.

Thanks to us, our clients import exclusive goods that exactly match their quality requirements and expectations.

The service we provide to our clients as part of mediation services:

  • Finding a suitable manufacturer or supplier based on client requirements (quality, price, design)
  • Determination of production conditions
  • Negotiation of price, minimum order quantity, delivery time and payment terms
  • Ensuring the order execution
  • Quality control of goods during production and before embarkation
  • Mixing of goods from several suppliers

Advantages of using an intermediary service when ordering production in EU:

  • Minimize the risk of trading with an unknown supplier
  • Reduction of product costs and secure IP safeguards from EU compared to doing business in other parts of the World
  • Ensuring the production of specific products according to specified client parameters (OEM)
  • Guarantee of superior quality
  • Easy and fast communication
  • Help and support in dealing with unexpected situations in different languages


Aerodesign Labs - Lee Sanders - Aerospace Innovator is improving not just aviation, but makes new strides toward a Greener Planet with this new project where his and our team manufacture more aerodynamic parts for airplanes. We have been working on this project with ADL since 2018. 

Tobacco Pouches - Tom O'Connor - Hannacan Enterprises Inc.

INKOM - MODERNISATION OF AIRCRAFT L410 our part in this project is complete development of aircraft door.

Korean Air -Jae-Sung Yun -  We have been working with Korean Air since 2019.

Zylast - Production of antiseptic products was an another challenge. Due to the excellent quality and excellent price, we produce antiseptic products worldwide.